CA: Denotes Customer Asked
EA: Denotes Ecodrum Answered
CA: Are you a drum manufacturer?
EA: No. We are not. We are a drum recycling company. We sell reconditioned drum.
CA: What size is your drum?
EA: Actually it's capacity is 200L in liquid form.
CA: What is your drum spec normally?
EA: Basically it has an approximate internal diameter 22 inches & external diameter 23 inches. It's height inside is 33 inches & outside 33.50 inches approximately. Its weight is 16kg - 18kg approximately.
CA: Can we use it for storing other form than liquid?
EA: Sure. We have 2 types of drum. They are opened top and tight head. Opened top drum-We can open/close the lid of the drum by a ring with a lock. Tight Head-We can load something esp in liquid form from the lock cap.
CA: Is your drum suitable for storing food?
EA: Our drum is totally not suitable for storing food. It is normally for industrial use.
CA: How can I order from your company?
EA: You have to provide your company details & confirm the order by your company Purchase order. We would arrange & inform you the date of delivery.
CA: What is the payment term?
EA: We have only cash on delivery (COD).