About EcoDrum
ECODRUM Sdn Bhd has its extensive expertise in their field at their own 3 acres property.

ECODRUM has been at the forefront of this industry from its beginning in the 1970's and, since 1986. The company was incorporated in 1993 and has since grown into a formidable front. It was bestowed the coveted ISO 9001 : 2008 award for its quality of Malaysia Standard & Management by SGS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in 2006. The Company involves itself mainly in recycling used drums for its clients, primarily chemical industries, petroleum companies among others.

reconditioned drums tight head opened top reconditioned drums
reconditioned drums tight head opened top reconditioned drums
Are you a drum manufacturer?
No. We are not. We are a recycling company. We sell reconditioned drum.
What is your drum spec normally?
Basically it has an approximate internal diameter 22 inches & external diameter 23 inches. It's height inside is 33 inches & outside 33.50 inches approximately.
Can we use it for storing other form than liquid?
Sure. We have 2 types of drum. They are opened top and tight head. Opened top drum-We can open/close the lid of the drum by a ring with a lock. Tight Head-We can load something esp in liquid form from the lock cap.